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T.K. Sutphin & Associates is a seasoned advertising executive recruiting firm. Over the last 18 years we have successfully recruited top executive, creative account management, and media talent for major advertising agencies throughout the US and Canada. We have built our reputation as a top advertising recruitment firm through sound business practices, a high code of ethics and most importantly results.

Finding and recruiting exceptional advertising talent is costly and time consuming, especially in this time of great demand. Knowing the advertising industry and having the ability to obtain responsible referrals makes it possible for T.K. Sutphin & Associates to provide you with exceptional creative account, and media people. Unqualified candidates are eliminated and never presented for your interview. Qualified candidates are thoroughly investigated prior to their recruitment and presentation for your opportunity.

It is a proven fact that in the great majority of cases the best candidates are presently employed and not reading the want ads in the trades. Because of our highly specialized approach in professional recruiting, we can make available to you top creative account, and media talent not actively seeking a position, but would change for a more rewarding and changeling opportunity.

As an advertising executive recruiting firm, we are our clients representatives in the market place. It is very likely that we are the first contact a prospective candidate has with our clients. Therefore it is imperative that in seeking an executive recruiting firm, the client must feel confident that the character and integrity of his organization will be represented accurately. To insure this T.K. Sutphin and Associates specializes in the advertising business only. We are closely attuned to the industry and are thoroughly familiar with personnel trends and requirements. Beyond practical experience we are discrete and have a strong sense of obligation to complete every assignment accepted.

At T.K. Sutphin and Associates our only business is the executive recruiting of advertising agency personnel. Because of our singular focus, all our executive search talents and resources are concentrated on the unique recruiting needs of each agency with which we work, allowing our agency clients to service the needs of their clients. To begin please browse our site or Contact us directly.

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